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Baptize Your Babies

June 20, 2022 FLAME Season 1 Episode 8
Extra Nos Academy
Baptize Your Babies
Show Notes

Episode 8 addresses the controversial topic of infant baptism. Most Christians in America have never grappled with the biblical claim of baby baptism. Or, they have dismissed it due to the grave misunderstanding of what baptism is, according to scripture. In addition, FLAME reviews his song, Mark Them from his current EP, Word And Water, regarding the matter. This week’s reading is from the book, Has American Christianity Failed, by Bryan Wolfmueller. Also, FLAME was inspired to give away a few books. The person who writes the most compelling and comprehensive statement on baptismal regeneration will receive two free books. A paragraph or two is sufficient. No longer than one page. The two giveaways are:

1. Has American Christianity Failed by Bryan Wolfmueller

2. Baptized Into Christ: A Guide to the Christian Life by Jordan Cooper

For those who want to read further into the historicity of infant baptism, I’d recommend:
1. Infant Baptism In the First Four Centuries by Joachim Jeremias 
2. The Origins of Infant Baptism by Joachim Jeremias

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